Civil Litigation​

We are proactive and firm in our approach to help achieve settlement of your action whether you be pursing or defending a claim.

We can help resolve a broad range of disputes. We have over  ten years of experience in appearing at Sheriff Courts all over Scotland including debt recovery, liquidations, bankruptcy and a wide range of commercial disputes.

Contract law is also an essential part of business law and impacts on individuals and businesses. Examples of such contracts would be Terms and Conditions for a business and contracts of employment. Standard, un-adapted contract templates are readily available on the internet. However, all too often, when the terms of these contracts become essential, i.e. in disputes and possibly cost court action, their initial low costs and readily availability are quickly forgotten when it becomes apparent that their terms are ineffective and flimsy when put to the test. The quick low cost solution can soon become a costly lesson.

Court Agency Instructions

We appear daily at Hamilton Sheriff Court on a local agency basis and are well known agents at Hamilton Sheriff Court.  We cover all types of civil court cases from procedural hearings. Options hearing, pre-proof hearings,  heritable cases, sequestrations, small claims and summary cause, opposed motions, child welfare hearings taxations, guardianship hearings and debtor court hearings.

We have been excellent relationships with the Sheriffs at Hamilton, court staff and other agents.

Please either fax your instructions to 01698 891146 or email us at

We aim to report back within the same day providing a detailed court report and competitive fee.