It is always true to say that the making of a Will is very important. Each will have to be tailor made for your own personal circumstances.  We are able to provide such a service and can assist you in the drafting of your Will providing guidance and support.

If you die without leaving a Will then there are rules which decide how your estate is divided. The benefits of writing a Will is that you can decide who will inherit what from your estate, reduce inheritance tax and provide for funeral arrangements.

Living Wills/Advance Directive

These are Wills which provide instructions to the medical profession about what you would like to happen if you are unable to advise how you would like treated, if treated at all.


When a loved one dies it can be distressing and upsetting time.  We can assist by providing support and guidance in winding up an estate. We can take the stress and burden away from you and you can rely on us to provide professional advice in an efficient and sensitive manner.